Enhance your work day with design that anticipates your every need.


Backed by industry leaders and innovators


Winston Mok, Product manager

Jake Zeller,  Investor

Olivier Yiptong, Software Engineer

Cameron Westland, Software Architect

Richard Titus, Serial Entrepreneur, Former SVP at Samsung & Controller at BDC

Eduardo Vivas, Head of Product, Angel Investor

Data-driven design

Born out of the tech communities of Silicon Valley and Toronto, WATSON is the product of deep research into how professionals actually use their bags. We watched and interviewed hundreds of people using backpacks from San Francisco startup offices to New York coffee shops. The result? A user experience that’s intuitive and a powerful upgrade to the everyday carry.

Built around your daily routines

Zero to working in seconds

Our revolutionary push-to-open design allows you to open your bag with one touch and no chance of zippers getting stuck. The bag stands proudly on it’s own and you can see everything inside at a glance. 

Kick off your productive day in just one click.

Instantly organized with dedicated compartments

No need to worry if you’ve packed everything or where to find what you need, just make sure every pocket is filled

professional backpack

On-the-go access

Grab your keys, wallet, and even charge on the go - all without removing your bag.

business backpack wallet pocket

Preserve your gear & peace of mind

WATSON’s hard shell architecture protects your gear from the elements and intruders.

Drop protection

A light, semi-flexible interior shell protects your valuables from bumps and drops. 

professional backpack hard shell hardshell

Theft prevention lock

Secure valuables from strangers with a discreet slider lock

watson backpack lockable buttons


Liquids remain outside thanks to waterproof ballistic nylon and a solid interior shell. Edges are lined with silicone for a watertight fit.

executive backpack waterproof

Enabled by hardshell architecture

A little innovation goes a long way.

Our hardshell technology unlocks dozens of features that no other bag can do.

business backpack stands alone
One touch access

Lightning fast, WATSON opens with the push of a button. 

Theft prevention lock

A discreet slider secures your backpack shut.

Drop protection

Hard shell architecture protects your gear from drops and bumps.


Ballistic nylon and interior shell are waterproof. Edges are rimmed with silicone sealing.

Shape retention

Years from now, WATSON will look and perform like new.

Stands upright

No need to enlist table legs or chairs, this backpack stands independently.

Dedicated compartmetns

After countless hours watching people use their bags, we've created an intuitive design that puts your items exactly where you need them. From your wallet and keys to on-the-go power, it's all organized.

Smart battery wiring

A convenient USB pass allows you to connect your battery inside to the back charging pocket for on-the-go power.

Quick-draw pockets

Grab your keys, wallet, or phone from the easily accessible side pocket.

Dissappearing bottle pocket

Stay hydrated and keep electronics safe with our external bottle pocket. Maintain a sleek profile as it disappears when not in use.

Safe compartment

Dedicated hardshell storage for sunglasses and other delicate items.

Superior quality materials

Your bag will only last as long as the materials it's built with. For this reason, we spent months testing the most durable, resilient, and innovative components.

Visit our sustainability page for more information on our mission to make goods that last.

Ballistic nylon fabric

Known for it's strength and durability in rugged applications where abrasion resistance is a high priority. 

Military grade hardware

No plastic hardware here, these guts are anodized aluminium and powder coated nickel for lasting performance.

NASA memory foam

The ultimate comfort, this foam molds to your body comfortably and provides cooling airflow.

Personalized labels

Upgrade your backpack with your initials embossed in the label. WATSON is a function of you, after all.

Tailored to the tools of top performers

Size: 17" x 11" x 6.5"           Capacity: 19L            Weight: 2.7lbs

watson backpack interior