• Because in the future of work, our tools must be extensions of ourselves

Many everyday products are built the way they always have been - products of inertia. 

Watson is founded on first principles - building for our purpose from the ground up. Our goal is to push everyday products forward and raise the bar for thoughtful, satisfying everyday experiences. As we become more considered about the products we bring into our lives, we set out to build a company that prioritizes meaning over novelty and builds things that reflect our purpose - innovation and sustainability.

We designed the Watson V.1 by throwing away everything we knew about a backpack. The entire architecture of what we’ve created revolves around this purpose. This is a backpack that respects the integrity of your life’s tools, and the value of your life’s work.  

The seeds of Watson were planted when designer Valerie Crisp (a former SUITS stylist) designed a suped-up backpack for a tech CEO friend as a gift. Numerous prototypes and a hit Kickstarter campaign later, we are poised to officially launch this spring.

Born in San Francisco, Watson is proudly designed and handcrafted in Toronto, Canada. We are aggressively pursuing a neutral carbon footprint for 2019 and a completely circular (no waste) business model by 2020. More on sustainability here.