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Backpacks aren't built for knowledge workers - Watson is. Meet the ultimate top-performer in design, usability, and comfort.

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Watson will ship in June of 2017.


The backpack that hacks your everyday

Founded in 2015, the first Watson backpack was built to solve a problem nobody else was - backpacks weren’t designed for urban knowledge workers and yet that’s who was buying them and carrying them to work every day. Borne out of the tech communities of San Francisco and Toronto, our customer's needs differ greatly from hikers, students, and travellers. They value smart usability, efficiency, innovation, quality of materials, design, and personal comfort. Watson is the first backpack created with these values as a compass.


The ultimate hack: predictive design


Compartments designed around your daily routine - Unpack in seconds. Access essentials without taking off your bag. Plus, charge on the go.


State of the art protection - One-touch-access that locks when traveling, hard-shell protection, and premium materials.

Built to be carried 365 days a year - Distributed weight system, NASA memory foam, and power-mesh ventilation. 


An integrated cord pass-through connects you to your favorite battery inside the main cavity.

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Stand up technology means easy

access to your belongings throughout

the day.


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One Watson in black.

Watson with Monogram


One Watson in black with a personalized monogram.