The future of work is adaptive, collaborative

January 24, 2018

The future of work is adaptive, collaborative

Hello, Watson community!

First off, a big thank you to everyone who responded to our CTA this month and shared their must-have everyday tools and feedback on our pre-production sample.

Kickstarter has afforded us a unique chance to crowdsource the best ideas from all over, and the result is something we could have never created without each of you. From last update, we’ve rounded out the overall shape a bit and added subtle texture to the top for a more touchable look and feel - keeping the features well-loved from Watson’s beginnings. Images of these updates are still to come.

It looks like someone with a large email list shared our product, resulting in a surge of pre-orders. Thank you, kind human. To grab a spot in our first production run, you can pre-order yours here.

Change Agents: Fully

When Fully was founded, the idea that furniture could radically change your experience of work was new. The Fully philosophy is simple: Movement is good. When you move, when you are fully in your body, you feel more present, engaged, and alive. More of you shows up to work, to relationships, to life.

We discovered Fully after researching the best affordable standing desk for our studio. The Jarvis has already become the best selling adjustable-height standing desk on the market and there's no mystery why. It's adjustable, programmable, and affordable. Plus they're a certified B corp who partner with local vendors and sustainable sources wherever possible.

We believe the future of work is one in which we disregard norms that don’t serve us and re-evaluate from first principles. Fully and others inspire us to continually strip away unproductive legacies and instead craft a deliberate and purposeful daily practice. When your work routine is a delight, it transfers into your mood, quality of work and quality of life. We can’t wait to become an integral part of your day.

With gratitude,

Watson team.