Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!

January 09, 2018

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!

Over the past weeks we’ve been testing our final sample up against the rigours of everyday use and edge case customers. Overall, we are thrilled with the performance, with just a few tweaks left to make. 
In particular, we underestimated how nice it would be to have your backpack standing up, ready and open next to you while you’re working. It felt like an attentive assistant awaiting your next move so you never break the state of flow. 

We are pleased to announce that Watson will be compatible with some your favourite productivity devices. We're partnering with Tile tracker, Jackery battery, and S'well bottle to offer a fully-loaded version of Watson with all the trimmings this spring.
CTA: If you have a device you just can't live without that you think could integrate well with Watson, drop us a line! We're always looking for ways to take it to the next level.


While this sample test was a huge success for us, we found opportunities for improvements. Implementing these improvements will run into the Chinese New Year break this February and result in some lost productivity in the making of our hard parts.
Still, we're not far off from our ETA and anticipate preparing the first Kickstarter orders at the end of February and working through pre-orders in the subsequent weeks. Thank you for waiting, we don't take it for granted!

Change Agents: Roost laptop stand

The Roost Laptop Stand has totally changed the way we work. It’s a light, portable, collapsible laptop stand that makes it easy to prevent poor posture and neck pain no matter where you are.

The benefit of a laptop stand is that you can look straight ahead at your monitor, as opposed to down, and add a portable keyboard and mouse for a more ergonomic desktop-style arrangement. Roost even fits on an airplane tray table - making an otherwise strained work environment significantly more comfortable. Tim Ferris likes to ask his interviewees what purchase for under $100 has most impacted their lives and for us - this is it. Given the number of hours we spend working, writing, connecting, and creating, it’s hard to overestimate the perfect setup.

Thanks for reading and talk soon,

Watson Team

Tech Specs

Size: 17 x 11 x 6.5"

(28 x 43 x 16.5cm)

Weight: 3.5lbs (l.5kg)

Capacity: 19L