Watson’s Founder

Valerie Crisp

As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, building quality products is in my blood. The appetite for inventing things to solve common problems came early and, thanks to my hands-on dad helping to bring my visions to life, I felt anything was possible. After completing my BA of Design, I immersed myself in the film industry (Suits, Nikita). Here, I gained access to exceptional mentors, Emmy Award Winning designers, and directors. My work attracted private clients as well, namely in athletic apparel, where my unique design aesthetic of combining form and function struck a cord. All this experience built the foundation for Watson.

What began as a thoughtful gift for my partner, Nikolai Bratkovski, quickly transformed into the groundwork for what is now Watson. An uncompromising professional himself, Nikolai’s first-principles thinking was pivotal in reimagining what a professional backpack could and should deliver to the user. Tapping into our respective tech and product design roots, we’ve collaborated to reimagine what a 21st century backpack can do.


Watson's North Star

Founded in 2015, the first Watson backpack was built to solve a problem nobody else was - backpacks weren’t designed for urban knowledge workers and yet that’s who was buying them and carrying them to work every day. Borne out of the tech communities of San Francisco and Toronto, our customer’s needs differ greatly from hikers, students, and travellers. They value smart usability, efficiency, innovation, quality of materials, and personal comfort. Watson is the first and only backpack designed specifically with these values as a compass.

We believe in offering the highest quality product at the best price. It only makes sense that something you carry every day - that holds your most prized possessions - should be the best. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Braun, Dyson, and Apple - Watson aims to over-deliver on usability and design in ways as-yet untouched in the everyday carrying space. We strive to surprise and delight with innovative ways to make your day better. It is our unwavering mission to create superior products which are functional and elegant. Never again do you have to compromise form for function or vice versa -- you deserve to have both.



Making it Happen

Our team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners with decades of entrepreneurial and manufacturing experience to ensure that Watson will exceed your expectations.